History of the Society

Pharmacologists as a separate group of scientists cooperated first within the Pharmacological Section of the Polish Physiological Society. The Polish Pharmacological Society emerged from this section in 1965.

It was established on the initiative of the heads and representatives of different pharmacological research centers from all over the country. The Organizing Committee, chaired by Prof. Piotr Kubikowski was established in March of that year. The aim of the committee was to manage preparatory works. The Statutory Commission was created, which after a half of a year of hard work convened a meeting and presented a statute to the 1st Plenary Assembly of Delegates of the Polish Pharmacological Society in Szczecin in which 156 founder member participated. The Assembly defined the first aims and tasks of the society. The members of the first Executive Committee of the Council were elected:

President: prof. Piotr Kubikowski

Vice-President: prof. Józef Hano, Assoc. prof. Tadeusz Chruściel

Secretary: Assoc. prof. Zbigniew Szreniawski

Treasurer: Assoc. prof. Jan Venulet

Members: prof. Józef Jeske, prof. Andrzej Danysz

As the Society continued its actions, the number of its members grew and since 1977 it has remained at the level of 400 – 500 scientists.

When PPS was established, it had 10 branches.

Over 36 years, 17 Congresses of the Polish Pharmacological Society were organized that were combined with international pharmacological meetings. At the beginning, they were convened every second year and then every third year since 1977.

The Audit Commission was also elected with its head Prof. Karol Teuchmann. Apart from the Executive Committee, the Council of the society comprised the chairmen of all branches. This structure of the society has survived until today.

From its establishment, the Society bestowed the title of a Honorary Member on eminent scientists with great achievements in pharmacology, toxicology or related fields.

Honorary Members are:

1973- prof. P. Kubikowski (Poland), prof. J.R. Vane (UK), prof. W.S. Aniczkow (Russia)

1975- prof. J. Hano (Poland)

1977- prof. W. Rusiecki (Poland)

1980- prof. U. Trendelenbrug (Germany), prof. J. Knoll (Hungary), prof. S. Garattini (Italy)

1986- prof. J. Maj (Poland)

1995- prof. M. Wilimowski (Poland),

1998- prof. M. Göthert (Germany). prof. Z. Kleinrok (Poland),

2001- prof. R. Kostrzewa (USA), prof. A. Danysz (Poland)

2004- prof. A. Chodera (Poland), prof. L. Samochowiec (Poland)

2007- prof. S. Rump (Poland), prof. Z. Herman (Poland)

2010- prof. R. Brus (Poland), prof. E. Przegaliński (Poland)

2013- prof. A. Członkowski (Poland), prof. M. Kowalczyk (Poland), prof. T. Archer (Sweden)

The list of past presidents of PPS include:

prof. Piotr Kubikowski (1965-1967),
prof. Józef Hano (1967-1969),
prof. Tadeusz Garbuliński (1969-1971),
prof. Andrzej Danysz (1971-1973),
prof. Jerzy Maj (1973-1975),
prof. Zdzisław Kleinrok (1975-1977),
prof. Marian Wilimowski (1977-1980),
prof. Alfons Chodera (1980-1983),
prof. Edmund Przegaliński (1983-1986),
prof. Zdzisław Herman (1986-1989),
prof. Sławomir Rump (1989-1992),
prof. Wojciech Kostowski (1992-1995),
prof. Włodzimierz Buczko (1995-1998),
prof. Henryk Trzeciak (1998-2001),
prof. Ryszard Brus (2001-2004),
prof. Marek Kowalczyk (2004-2007),
prof. Stanisław Jerzy Czuczwar (2007-2010),
prof. Władysław Lasoń (2010-2013).


History of Pharmacology in Poland. (Ed.) prof. dr. Andrzej Danysz

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