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IUPHAR newsletter

There is available The June IUPHAR newsletter of Pharmacology International at http://www.iuphar.org/files/Newsletters/Pharmacology_International_2017_June.pdf.  

   Highlights include:  

  • Latest developments of the 2018 World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology in Kyoto, Japan (is your meeting abstract drafted?)
  • Celebrating 30 years of the IUPHAR Nomenclature Committee
  • What drug concentration do I use?  A new resource on the Guide to Pharmacology 
  • The Guide to Immunopharmacology is now in beta release
  • We welcome the Pharmacological Society of Singapore as a new member society
  • Meeting reports and upcoming events
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Easter wishes

Wishing you and your family an Easter filled with joy and hope. May your time together be a celebration of life and love.

The Main Council of Polish Pharmacological Society

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Kongres PTBUN

Szanowni Państwo,

Serdecznie zapraszamy do uczestnictwa w Zjeździe Polskiego Towarzystwa Badań Układu Nerwowego, który odbędzie się 28-31 sierpnia 2017 roku w warszawie.
Uwaga!!! Pozostał krótki czas rejestracji!!!
Możliwość wczesnego zapisania się do udziału w tym wydarzeniu kończy się 9.04.2017! Termin składania abstraktów - tylko przez osoby zarejestrowane - został przedłużony do 21.04.2017 roku.

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Our Aims

The Polish Pharmacological Society is a scientific association active since 1965. The statutory aims of the society include: (i) organization and promoting of all actions that further development of research and scientific endeavors in the field of experimental and clinical pharmacology and toxicology, (ii) facilitation of personal contacts among researchers and clinicians engaged in the studies in these disciplines, (iii) promulgation of results of pharmacological research, and (iv) representation of Polish pharmacology and toxicology on domestic and international forums.

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