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Apel lekarzy o leczenie zgodne z EBM

w sprawie apelu lekarzy do Ministra Zdrowia o "leczenie zgodnie z EBM, a nie ChPL"
Tylko badania kliniczne przeprowadzone zgodnie z zasadami Evidence Based Medicine
(EBM) mogą być podstawą rejestracji produktu leczniczego, a ich wyniki
podsumowywane są w publikowanej Charakterystyce Produktu Leczniczego (ChPL).

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The new "Pharmacology International"

New issue of "Pharmacology International" concludes:


*Collaboration with DiscoveRx to accelerate the process of understanding the functions of orphan GPCRs and their signaling mechanisms. * The Clinical Pharmacology Division announced the formation of a new Geriatric Clinical Pharmacology Subcommittee on page 4.


* Articles, which feature 25th anniversaries the IUPHAR member societies, ECNP (page 12) and the Serotonin Club (page 14)

* REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS - IUPHAR is now accepting proposals to sponsor Regional Focused Conferences. See page 7 for more information.


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Our Aims

The Polish Pharmacological Society is a scientific association active since 1965. The statutory aims of the society include: (i) organization and promoting of all actions that further development of research and scientific endeavors in the field of experimental and clinical pharmacology and toxicology, (ii) facilitation of personal contacts among researchers and clinicians engaged in the studies in these disciplines, (iii) promulgation of results of pharmacological research, and (iv) representation of Polish pharmacology and toxicology on domestic and international forums.

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